Technology enthusiast and supportive leader are the first words that come to mind when I think of Chris. We worked together on both client facing and internal initiatives for over six years. He was my first manager when I joined Accenture and eventually became my mentor and coach.

Chris is the definition of an early adopter and is always in the know regarding technology advancements in the world of change management and digital collaboration. He finds ways to naturally incorporate new ways of working that truly benefit the client or team. He is a thought leader in this space and is frequently sought out for counsel on how to creatively solve a problem or drive efficiencies using digital methods.
Chris has a special talent for creating community networks and building relationships with his teams and partners. He has developed and scaled numerous supplier relationships with his ability to co-create and innovate solutions. As a manager, he invests in his people and fosters the unique talents of each team member while also giving them space to grow on their own. No issue or question is too small and he is generous with his time to listen, brainstorm or advise. My best Accenture memories are from projects where Chris encouraged our team to deliver an out of the box solution – he pushed us to be creative and have fun with our work instead of feeling tied to the status quo. He is the kind of leader that inspires and engages through active participation and by holding himself to the same high standards he has for his team.