We are fortunate at CORE Foundation to have Chris, a superstar, as an integral part of our leadership team. Chris showed us the way as the Digital Experience Director for our 2021 Giving Gala and Community Hero Awards and elevated the experience even further in 2022. Through the gala, we recognize volunteer leaders who have executed inspirational community service and have exemplified our mission to #BeTheChange.

We had a vision to create a series of videos for this event that would capture each hero’s unique story. Chris brought that vision to life exceeding our every expectation! Chris worked with each of the hero nominees to tell their story in an engaging way turning these polished clips around in record breaking time. His subjects were not professional speakers, yet he made each of them feel like a rockstar and shine in their best possible light.

Chris went the extra mile to meet with our staff as well as the staff from the venue understanding our blind spots for the evening and coordinated a flawless multimedia experience. This resulted in a home-run evening for CORE Foundation for the past two years.

Chris is the most talented experience creator that I’ve ever worked with. He embodies the perfect blend of professionalism, curiosity, passion and expertise in his field.